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Solar waterproof carport ​

Solar waterproof carport ​

Sep 27 , 2023


With the advent of the new energy era, pv carports will make great contributions to the new energy field and bring more convenience to energy vehicles. Suitable for installation in various places, including commercial parking lots, hospital parking lots, school parking lots, home parking lots, public parking lots, etc. Combining photovoltaic carports with buildings,

The service life of the photovoltaic carport is 25 years. If you invest in photovoltaic modules in the early stage, there is no need for additional investment in the later stage. Photovoltaic carports can be divided into ordinary carports and waterproof carports according to their functions. Buyers can customize it according to their parking space needs and can install it in a single parking space, double parking space or multiple parking spaces.

G-Solars photovoltaic carports are easy to install, have scientific wind and snow load calculations, can be installed around the world, and are easy to transport. Carports protect vehicles from the sun and rain and also protect photovoltaic system components.

Waterproof Carport Solar Mounting System

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