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Flat roof solar mounting system

Flat roof solar mounting system

Nov 26 , 2023


Among solar photovoltaic mounting systems, flat roof mounting systems are one of the most popular. Flat roof mounting systems are widely used in both residential and commercial buildings. The main difference for commercial applications is that flat roof mounting systems are suitable for large flat roofs, such as manufacturing plants or large shopping malls. The roofs of these buildings have some slope, but not as much as we see on residential roofs. Flat roof systems are installed on a fairly wide and level surface. These systems are easy to install and come pre-assembled for easy maintenance. Among its products, the G-Solar installation system is specifically designed for flat roof applications and is suitable for flat roofs with roof slopes from 10° to 45°. The G-Solar ballast system and tripod system is a highly flexible mounting system compatible with all common photovoltaic modules. It features proven G-Solar internal snap-on technology for safe, fast installation applications. ​

As a solar installation system manufacturer, G-Solar needs to professionally design installation systems to serve the flat roofs of residential and commercial customers.

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