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G-Solars can provide commercial and residential ground systems, roof systems, carport systems solar bracket installation system solutions

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                                                      ABOUT US    Xiamen G-Solar Technology Co., Ltd. specializes in solving residential and commercial solar installation system solutions,and can OEM and customize solar installation system products . It has more than ten years of professional design experienceand production capabilities in many countries around the world. Its manufacturing bases are located in Malaysia and Xiamen,China. There are strict compliance with ISO9001 quality control system.G-Solar photovoltaic systems represent a safe investment with guaranteed results.Our expertise provides you with customized solutions that are unparalleled in terms of quality and savings potential.                Good reasons to choose G-Solar:              Improve safety with more than ten years of experience in photovoltaic solution installation solutions             Reliable installation guaranteed by high-quality products and 10-year warranty             Maximum throughput and reliability through expertly engineered quality              Get local professional installation systems through SOLAR professional partne.                             Development History                                                                                                                                      --------- 2016                  Xiamen G-Solar Technology co.,ltd is a company specializing in R&D, design,                  and production of solar brackets. It has 10 employees and 30 workers.                                                                             ------- 2018                 Xiamen G-Solar Technology co.,ltd  has accessory processing and assembly lines,                 and its R&D products are gradually increasing. It has a professional design team to                 provide customers with precise solutions and sell products all over the world.                                                                            ------- 2022               Many commercial and residential projects have been installed in many countries.               In April 2020, 2.3MW of L-foot was installed in Malaysia. In July 2021, 4.6MW of               flat roof was installed in Hungary.                          G-solars bracket manufacturing process We use professional technology in every process of producing good products to make high-quality products and deliver them to every customer.  
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