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when does solar make sense

when does solar make sense

Mar 20 , 2024


Solar panels are typically mounted to a roof using various types of mounting systems designed specifically for solar installations. The specific method of installation depends on the type of roof (e.g., asphalt shingles, metal, tile), structural considerations, local regulations, and the preferences of the installer. Here are a few common methods of mounting solar panels to a roof:


Railed Mounting System: This involves installing metal rails on the roof, which act as a structural framework for attaching the solar panels. The panels are then attached to the rails using clamps.

Ballasted Mounting System: Suitable for flat roofs, this method uses weights or ballasts to hold the solar panels in place. The weight distributes the load evenly to keep the panels secure without penetrating the roof surface.

Roof-Integrated Mounting System: These systems are designed to integrate solar panels seamlessly with the roof, appearing as part of the roofing material. This method provides a streamlined aesthetic but may require specialized roofing products.


Ground-Mounted System: In cases where roof mounting is not feasible or desirable, solar panels can be installed on the ground using supports or racks. Ground-mounted systems offer flexibility in terms of panel orientation and can be adjusted to maximize solar exposure.

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